episode 374

Milind Wagle, CIO of Equinix

December 31, 2018

374: Equinix CIO Milind Milind stresses the importance of creating a positive customer experience. Equinix’s core value is to put the customer at the center of everything that they do, and the company has laid out a recipe for customer focus and success consisting of five major components. These components are treating their customers like assets, looking at the entire life cycle of customers, building a customer listening system to receive feedback, using a prioritization system to interpret that feedback, and delivering that feedback to the entire organization. We also discuss how Equinix’s annual revenue grew from $1 billion to $5 billion over an eight year period, the importance of culture in a digital transformation, and Milind’s view on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Milind is the CIO of Equinix, a global platform company focused on enabling the world’s leading businesses to directly connect with their customers, clouds, employees, and partners through their interconnection offering. As CIO, Milind has set five priorities, the most important of which is centered around information security and ensuring that Equinix’s IT infrastructure operations run smoothly. Prior to Equinix, Milind was the Director of Global IT Applications at Verisign.


The World Class IT principles in yellow were the focus of this interview

  • 01 1- People
  • 02 2- Infrastructure
  • 03 3- Project and Portfolio Management
  • 04 4- IT & Business Partnership
  • 05 5- External Partnerships

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