episode 782

Travelers CTO/COO Mojgan Lefebvre on the Intersection of Technology & Operations in Insurance

Mojgan Lefebvre is the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology & Operations Officer of Travelers, a $37 billion revenue insurance company with 32,000 employees globally. As her title suggests, Mojgan oversees a combined purview that includes both the technology and operations of the company and drives the alignment of IT with the rest of the organization. She joined Travelers in October 2018 with over two decades of experience successfully leading both employee- and customer-facing technologies. Prior to Travelers, Mojgan spent eight years at Liberty Mutual, where she was most recently Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the Global Risk Solutions business. July 06, 2023

782: Mojgan covers the intersection of technology and operations within her purview and the alignment she drives between her team and the broader business. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the business and customer needs in order to drive technology strategy and highlights the company’s focus on creating great experiences for customers, modernizing technology infrastructure, leveraging data and analytics, and protecting the organization from cyber threats. Mojgan shares examples of how machine learning and AI are being used to enhance employee and customer experiences, the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in driving innovation and success within the organization, and creating a culture of digital fluency through employee training programs. Finally, Mojgan looks ahead at trends in technology that are on her radar and reflects on the keys to her career success.

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"Before being a technology leader, you're really a business leader."

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