episode 776

Liberty Mutual's Tech-Forward Digital Transformation Journey with CIO Monica Caldas

Monica Caldas is the Global Chief Information Officer of Liberty Mutual, a $50 billion revenue insurance company founded in 1912 that employs 50,000 people across 29 countries. Monica has been in her role for roughly six months, and with Liberty Mutual for five years. In her role, she is leading a modernization program of the 111-year-old company developing what she refers to as a tech-forward insurance company which includes building greater data literacy across the organization. Monica is a remarkable process-oriented person, which has aided tremendously in the company's modernization progress. Prior to her time at Liberty Mutual, Monica was at General Electric for 17 years. June 15, 2023

776: Monica joins Peter for a conversation focused on the digital transformation journey of this century-old firm and developing it into a tech-forward insurance company. Monica describes how her team is driving the modernization program focused on creating a sound data strategy and improving data literacy across the organization. She dives into the process of digitization, collaboration with internal and external constituent groups, and the optimization of the individual experience. Monica provides insights into maintaining technological literacy through training programs and balancing IT resource allocation for operational efficiency and differentiation. Additionally, she covers topics such as cloud migration, the development of an architecture community, and the exploration of generative artificial intelligence and its diverse use cases. Lastly, Monica explores the emerging technology trends in quantum computing and reflects on the keys to her career success.

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