episode 729

McKesson Corp. CITO Nancy Avila on the Strategic Importance of Operations Within IT

Nancy Avila is the Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Technology Officer of McKesson Corporation, a company that distributes pharmaceuticals and provides health information technology, medical supplies, and care management tools. The company delivers a third of all pharmaceuticals used in North America and earns roughly $264 billion in annual revenue. In her role, she's responsible for the company's technology initiatives, including software, infrastructure, application development tools, processes, operations, and cybersecurity. She plays a critical role in accelerating McKesson's enterprise strategy by guiding the company's healthcare technology products and data and analytics capabilities. She's been in her role for roughly three years, and prior to McKesson, was the Chief Information Officer of Johnson Controls. She is also on the board of directors at Comerica Bank, among multiple board appointments she has. January 02, 2023

729: Nancy discusses the strategic importance of operations within the CIO role and how that part of her purview overlaps with technology. She also talks about the company’s data strategy, its criticality within operations, and using it to improve the customer experience. Nancy covers the way she organizes her team, creates a culture of innovation, and leverages technology to alleviate supply chain issues that companies across industries face. Finally, she reflects on her career success, describes her pathway to board membership, and looks ahead to trends in technology that she is excited about.

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