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The Future of Travel is Technology: Marriott’s Mission to Transform the Hospitality Industry with CTO Naveen Manga

Naveen Manga is the Chief Technology Officer of Marriott International, the largest hospitality company in the world with over 30 brands and 8,700 hotels across 139 countries. Naveen has been in his role for nearly two and a half years and is responsible for the company’s technology strategy, innovation, and transformation. Prior to joining Marriott, Naveen spent a decade at Hilton, where he served as Vice President of Software Engineering and Experience Design. March 28, 2024

858: The world of travel today is defined by digital experiences and powered by technology. At Marriott, CTO Naveen Manga is leading a digital transformation across the company’s 30 brands to bring guests the digital experiences they desire and transform the hospitality industry as a whole. In this episode of Technovation, Peter High speaks with Naveen about technology transformation and Marriott’s new tech-enabled headquarters, which serves as a symbol of how the company has embraced technology in its corporate strategy. Naveen provides insight into the new technology capabilities his team has delivered, including a revolutionary composable architecture, and a range of other initiatives. Finally, Naveen looks ahead at trends in artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies and shares how he has fostered a culture of innovation in his team to be able to act upon these trends quickly.

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