Entrepreneurship | episode 430

Mayfield Fund Managing Director Navin Chaddha

Navin Chaddha is the Managing Director of the venture capital firm Mayfield Fund, one of the oldest early-stage venture capital firms. Founded in 1969, the company has invested in over 500 companies throughout its history, 117 of which have had IPOs and over 200 of which have been acquired. The company is currently investing from its 15th early-stage fund, and it additionally has a dedicated fund for investing in India and a partner fund that invests in China. January 20, 2020

430: Mayfield Fund Managing Director Navin Chaddha discusses what the company looks for when deciding which entrepreneurs to invest in and which do not fit the Mayfield model. The company looks closely into what the entrepreneur is doing, which entails determining what is driving them, what their values are, what their vision is, what their mission is, and if they are interested in creating a product company and flipping it or if they are interested in building an industry-defining company and changing the way people work, live, and play. To do that, the company must spend a great deal of time with the entrepreneur outside of the pitch meetings to truly understand what is driving and motivating them. Further, Navin cites that it is critical to find out who they are, which involves determining if they have high EQ and IQ, how hungry they are, and what their ethics are. We also discuss Mayfield’s work in China and India, three attributes of millennials and how to reach them, what makes for a great partnership between partners and the early-stage companies, among other topics.

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