episode 489

HARMAN International CDO & CIO Nick Parrotta

Nick is the Chief Digital and Information Officer of HARMAN International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung that primarily consists of four divisions: A connected car division, a car audio division, a professional services solutions organization, and a connected services division. Nick is responsible for enterprise-wide strategy and the execution around digital and IT endeavors. Prior to joining HARMAN, Nick was the CIO of GE Power Conversion. September 28, 2020

489: HARMAN International Chief Digital and Information Officer Nick Parrotta discusses

  • HARMAN International’s focus on driving integrated, seamless, frictionless, excellent experiences to both the automotive and the consumer markets
  • IT’s focus on four S’s: To make technology simpler, smarter, scalable, and secure
  • Some of the work the company has done around cyber
  • how the company has responded to COVID-19
  • How it is preparing to return to work
  • How the pandemic has resulted in a rapid acceleration towards a digital workforce
  • How the company is looking to improve the experience in the car
  • How Nick’s time at GE helped him become a better leader
  • His take on 5G, AI, and autonomous vehicles

Among a variety of other topics.


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"We went from an average of 11 million minutes monthly on WebEx to now 30 million minutes plus every month. Our video conferencing also went up 4X to about close to 2 million minutes a month, as well as our virtual private network and in concurrent users are significantly scaled up"

The World Class IT principles in yellow were the focus of this interview

  • 01 1- People
  • 02 2- Infrastructure
  • 03 3- Project and Portfolio Management
  • 04 4- IT & Business Partnership
  • 05 5- External Partnerships

From strategy to implementation

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