episode 799

The Fast Follower Approach: Vanguard CIO Nitin Tandon on Staying Innovative at Massive Scale

Nitin Tandon is the Global Chief Information Officer of Vanguard, the world's second-largest asset manager with about $8 trillion in assets under management. Nitin joined Vanguard in 2019 as Chief Technology Officer, and he has been the Global Chief Information Officer since late 2021. Within his role, Nitin oversees a remarkable purview, which includes customer-facing technology, and helps to drive greater automation, cloud adoption, and personalization through Vanguard's offerings. He joined the firm after 16 years of Deloitte Consulting where he ended his tenure as a partner in the financial services technology practice. September 04, 2023

799: Nitin discusses the customer-facing technology that he oversees and how his team remains innovative and up-to-date on trends despite the company’s massive size. He emphasizes the company’s push towards automation and personalization when it comes to the digital customer experience and how he drives cross-functional collaboration to align this experience with the overall business strategy. Nitin talks about his “fast follower” approach to experimenting and piloting emerging technologies, the cybersecurity implications that must be considered, and how he views the business from the customer’s perspective. Finally, Nitin explains the culture that brought him to the company, the secrets to success over the course of his career, and the technology trends that are on his radar for the future.

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"We established an emerging technology research function [which] proactively scans the industry, the market for emerging technologies that may be applicable or relevant to us."

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