Entrepreneurship | episode 562

Tanium CEO Orion Hindawi on Cybersecurity and the Shifting IT Landscape

Orion Hindawi is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the cybersecurity firm, Tanium, which helps large organizations manage and protect mission-critical networks. Orion founded the company in 2007 with his father, David Hindawi, who served as CEO until 2016 and currently serves as the Executive Chairman of the company. Prior to founding Tanium, Orion and David founded the IT management company BigFix until its acquisition by IBM. May 27, 2021

562: In this interview, Orion Hindawi, Co-Founder and CEO of Tanium, discusses the evolution of IT Infrastructures and cybersecurity. Orion gives an overview of Tanium’s business and discusses the changing ways companies look at adopting IT. He also covers the digital and technological transformations, the importance of curating strong ecosystems, and future opportunities for the company. Additionally, Orion shares his perspective on applying business cybersecurity knowledge to maintaining personal cybersecurity.

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