episode 786

From CIO/COO to Mission-Driven Venture Capitalist: Pegah Ebrahimi's Impactful Career Journey

Pegah Ebrahimi is the co-founder and managing partner of FPV Ventures, a venture capital fund that was started a year and a half ago and has raised $450 million to back mission-driven founders. Pegah has had a fascinating path to venture capital, having spent more than 15 years at Morgan Stanley, starting as an investment banker and eventually becoming the Chief Information Officer of the investment bank. She would go on to be the COO of Global Technology Banking at Morgan Stanley and also the COO of Cisco Collaboration. July 20, 2023

786: Pegah joins the broadcast to speak about investing in mission-driven founders and leveraging her experience as a former CIO and COO to bring a wealth of go-to-market expertise to the companies she invests in. We delve into FPV Ventures’ business overview as well as the company’s emphasis on life sciences and what attracted Pegah and her co-founder to that area. Pegah also explains her journey to the CIO post, her journey to the COO post, and how these experiences have uniquely equipped her for success in the world of venture capital. Finally, she shares valuable insights into investing during uncertain times, the tech trends that are on her radar, and the keys to her career success.

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"If you ask people back then what they wanted, people would say a faster horse driven carriage, whereas what they really needed is the car."

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