episode 656

VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram on the Future of Multi-Cloud Computing

Raghu Raghuram is the Chief Executive Officer of VMware, a cloud computing and virtualization company that earns nearly $12 billion in annual revenue. Raghu took his current post in mid-2021, but he's been with the company for nearly two decades. April 21, 2022

656: Raghu discusses thoughts on the future of multi-cloud strategy. Raghu recalls the lessons he learned during VMware’s cloud transformation and how it influenced the transformations VMware provides to its customers. He also described what he called “redefining the category” when it comes to innovating the multi-cloud strategy, broadening his ecosystem, and what it means for companies to be “cloud smart”. Finally, Raghu looks ahead at the future of cybersecurity preparedness and his recommendation for technology executives, the impacts of the pandemic on his business, and his perspectives on how it’s impacted his customer’s businesses, among other topics.

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