episode 682

How Union Pacific’s CIO is Modernizing the 160-Year-Old Railroad

Rahul Jalali is the Chief Information Officer of Union Pacific, a $22 billion revenue, the 160-year-old railroad that connects 23 states in the western two-thirds of the United States by rail providing a critical link in the global supply chain. Rahul has an expansive purview as CIO encompassing both traditional IT, as well as leadership roles in the software business and a commercial telecom business under the auspices of Union Pacific. At the company, his team is focused on driving both transformation and innovation. July 21, 2022

682: In this interview, Rahul discusses his transformation efforts to modernize the 160-year-old railroad. Rahul covers his purview as CIO, what it means to be a tech executive at a railway company, and the internal operational lens of his purview. He also reflects on his experience in B2C functions and how they have informed his B2B role at Union Pacific. Rahul also describes what he means by transforming Union Pacific into a platform company, creating a high-performing culture through recruitment and DE&I, and why he has chosen to rebrand IT at the company. Finally, Rahul looks ahead at trends in technology that he is keeping abreast of and clues us in to the keys to his career success.

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