Fortune 500 | episode 487

Ryder System CIO Rajeev Ravindran

Rajeev Ravindran is the senior vice president and chief information officer of Ryder System, a transportation and logistics company with nearly $9 billion in revenue annually that is best known for its rental truck fleet. As CIO, Rajeev is responsible for all aspects of Ryder’s IT organization, including technology vision and strategy, operations and project management, infrastructure and software development, resource optimization, and systems development lifecycle. He is also a member of the company’s executive leadership team. Prior to joining Ryder System, Rajeev was the group vice president and chief information officer for JM Family Enterprises. September 21, 2020

487: Ryder senior vice president and chief information officer Rajeev Ravindran discusses 

  • An overview of Ryder and Rajeev’s purview as CIO
  • The IT function’s four strategic goals
  • The company’s approach to eliminating technical debt
  • The COVID-19 pandemic, including:
    • Why Ryder was prepared for it 
    • How the company has created a sense of community throughout it
  • Rajeev’s take on a variety of rising trends, such as AI modeling, robotics, and autonomous vehicles

Among a variety of other topics.


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"While focus is shifting to digital transformation, business value, and speed of marketing, the role of the CIO has shifted over the last couple of years in my opinion. It is critical to understand the business and customers' needs to support future growth, and ensure that we are prepared as an organization to quickly deliver, but also to disrupt."

The World Class IT principles in yellow were the focus of this interview

  • 01 1- People
  • 02 2- Infrastructure
  • 03 3- Project and Portfolio Management
  • 04 4- IT & Business Partnership
  • 05 5- External Partnerships

From strategy to implementation

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