episode 603

A Passwordless Future: Transmit Security President Rakesh Loonkar on the Identity Experience

Rakesh Loonkar is the President of Transmit Security, a company that he co-founded in 2014. It is a company that focuses on identity experience. He and his team are focused on delivering a passwordless future for companies. In June, the company announced that it had received the largest Series A venture investment in the history of cybersecurity, a $543 million investment for evaluation of $2.2 billion. Rakesh has been a serial entrepreneur having founded and led companies such as Trusteer, which was sold to IBM in 2013. He is also an experienced investor focusing on a wide-ranging portfolio of cybersecurity investments, including Zscaler and Palo Alto Networks. October 18, 2021

603: In this interview, Rakesh Loonkar, President and Co-Founder of Transmit Security, focuses on identity experience and a shift towards a passwordless future. Rakesh begins with how he defines “identity experience”. He describes the potential business outcomes that a passwordless future can help achieve and what the process is to move towards making that a reality today. Rakesh discusses what industries have been the first adopters of passwordless technology and shares his perspective on the overall evolution of the cybersecurity industry. Finally, he provides insight into why now is the best time for Transmit Security to take outside capital, how Transmit Security plans to keep evolving, and recommendations for CIOs and executives to improve their organization’s cybersecurity.


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