Fortune 500 | episode 574

HPE’s CIO on Digitalization and the Company’s ‘Customer Zero’ Program

Rashmi Kumar is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a multinational enterprise IT-focused company with revenues exceeding $27 billion annually. As CIO, Rashmi is responsible for the company’s digital transformation. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Myriad Genetics. Prior to her current role, Rashmi has served as the Vice President of Global IT at HPE, SVP and CIO of U.S. Pharmaceuticals for McKesson, among other roles. July 08, 2021

574: In this interview, Rashmi Kumar, CIO of HPE, offers her perspective on the HPE’s digital transformation, the benefits of moving HPE’s headquarters to Texas, and the company’s focus on what she calls “digitalization to the core.” She talks about how HPE acting as customer zero for many of its offerings allows for a better understanding of technology’s limitations and leads to honest communication with HPE’s customers. Additionally, we discuss how HPE assessed its ability to transition 60,000 employees and 20,000 contractors to work remotely and why focusing on company culture was critical for the transformation. Finally, Rashmi offers advice on recruiting for a board-level position, ways for companies to sponsor and foster diverse organizations, and a look into some of the trends in IT that HPE is focused on.


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