Beyond CIO | episode 722

Cenlar Co-CEO & COO Rob Lux on Being a Technologist CEO

Rob Lux is the co-Chief Executive Officer and the Chief Operating Officer of Cenlar, the United States' leading loan sub-servicing provider. Rob is responsible for Cenlar's operations and technology, business development, client management, human resources, legal, corporate communications, and marketing. He joined Cenlar in 2017 as the CIO and was appointed EVP and COO in 2019. Prior to his time at Cenlar, Rob was the Chief Information Officer of Freddie Mac for seven years, where he was responsible for all of IT. December 08, 2022

722: Rob discusses his career journey going from CIO to COO and ultimately to co-CEO. He gives a brief thumbnail sketch of Cenlar’s business and describes his purview in his new post alongside Jim Daras. Rob also talks about the advantages of being a technologist in his role, the importance of developing a solid relationship with the company’s board of directors, and the benefit of having a close relationship with his CIO successor. Finally, Rob covers the trends in technology that are on his personal radar and reflects on what he attributes to his career success.

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