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Rob Lux, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Freddie Mac

December 23, 2013
Among other topics, Rob discusses the following  with Metis Strategy:
  • How Rob led Freddie Mac’s IT department to develop a cohesive strategy to recover from the negative impacts of the economic downturn
  • Freddie Mac’s efforts to retain its IT employees, who possess highly specialized knowledge of the interactions between financial services, the secondary mortgage market, and technology
  • Metrics at Freddie Mac IT: external benchmarks and KPIs
  • How Freddie Mac approached WalMart, Visa, and other companies for data management advice
  • Code Jam, an IT innovation competition across Freddie Mac that challenges employees to develop working prototypes of their ideas within 9 days
  • Freddie Mac’s secure bring-your-own-device policy
  • Eye on the trends: Organizations in the mortgage industry like Freddie Mac are aggressively leveraging big data for predictive analytics and investing in technology to simplify and enable mobile mortgage transactions
Rob Lux’s Biography

Rob is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, known as Freddie Mac, a public government sponsored enterprise. He is a member of the company’s senior operating committee and reports directly to CEO Don Layton.

Rob is responsible for the company’s Information Technology (IT) assets and services. In this capacity, he oversees end-to-end technology solutions that ensure delivery of strong operational platforms and integrated services throughout Freddie Mac’s businesses.

Prior to coming to Freddie Mac, Rob was a Principal at Towers Watson, the Chief Architect for GMAC Financial Services, and the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for GMAC Residential Capital (GMAC RESCAP), among other positions in a 30 year career in IT.

Rob earned an M.S. in Management of Technology from the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. in Commerce and Engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA.

The World Class IT principles in yellow were the focus of this interview

  • 01 1- People
  • 02 2- Infrastructure
  • 03 3- Project and Portfolio Management
  • 04 4- IT & Business Partnership
  • 05 5- External Partnerships

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