episode 721

TIAA Chief Sastry Durvasula on Developing Tech Solutions Across Generations

Sastry Durvasula is the Chief Information and Client Services Officer of TIAA, a Fortune 100 company that manages $1.2 trillion in assets under management. He has been in his role for a little less than a year. Among his responsibilities are the company's global data and artificial intelligence strategy, global business services, client tech labs and partnerships across retirement services, Nuveen Asset Management, Wealth Management, and other businesses and subsidiaries. Sastry serves on the board of TIAA India, as well as on the board of Girls in Tech, a non-profit organization focused on improving opportunities for women in tech. Sastry is a seasoned tech executive having previously been the Chief Technology and Digital Officer of McKinsey & Company and the Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data and Analytics Officer of Marsh, as well as the CIO and Enterprise Head of Data and Digital at American Express. December 05, 2022

721: Sastry discusses the company’s mission of powering the business’s strategic shifts and fueling innovation all while transforming the core. He gives a brief overview of TIAA’s business, the two sides to his purview as Chief Information and Client Services Officer, and how his team collaborates with clients to deliver solutions that resonate with each stakeholder regardless of which stage they are at in their retirement journey. Sastry also describes the way his team is organized, how it drives the broader strategy of the company, and how it is developing a data and AI strategy to realize the organization’s mission. He goes into detail on the types of creative partnerships including those with Universities to upskill talent and diversity groups to open up opportunities for members of those groups. Sastry talks about his involvement in one such group, Girls in Tech, and the impact that it has had on his outlook for DE&I in the industry. Finally, Sastry covers trends in artificial intelligence and the metaverse and reflects on the keys to his career success.

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