episode 623

Arc XP CTO Scot Gillespie on Broadening the Possibilities of the SaaS Platform

Scot Gillespie is the Chief Technology Officer and General Manager of Arc XP, a turnkey fully hosted state-of-the-art digital experience, and e-commerce SaaS platform engineered to meet the demands of enterprise brands, media, and entertainment, and retailers around the world. Scott has been with Arc XP and the Washington Post since early 2017. Prior to his current role, he served as a tech executive at companies such as Grainger and Sears as well. December 27, 2021

623: Scot discusses the origination of Arc XP and broadening the technology’s applications beyond The Washington Post and the media/publishing industry. Scot tells the story of how Arc XP began within The Washington Post and compares its genesis to that of AWS at Amazon. He then describes the broader possibilities and applications of Arc XP beyond media and how he balances the competitive advantage of the technology and the controversial nature of sharing it with competitors. Scot shares how he leverages his past experiences outside of media to help with these broader applications, how he builds the skill set of his team, and how his vision for expansion is driven by where the talent is located. Finally, Scot talks about the growth opportunities at Arc XP and the advantages of having regular access to someone like Jeff Bezos.

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