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Bestselling Author Seth Godin on Practice and Process in Art

Seth Godin is a bestselling author among many other things. Seth’s work has spanned across various platforms and mediums that defy an easy categorization. He is an idea machine, a legendary marketer. He is also the author of 20 bestselling books including the Purple Cow, All Marketers Are Liars, Permission Marketing, Unleashing the Ideavirus, and his latest book, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work. Seth's Blog comes out daily, and it has more than 7,000 posts with an audience of more than a million. Seth is also the host of a podcast, Akimbo, which is also the name of his learning platform which includes his altMBA program. October 07, 2021

600: In this interview, Seth Godin, bestselling author of The Practice, focuses on what it means to be an artist and navigating your journey as one. Seth begins by describing himself as a teacher and why the term “art” should be broadly applied beyond traditional forms of visual art. He shares how instituting a process causes flow and success as a writer as opposed to flow causing process and describes the three foundations of art: curiosity, generosity, and connection. Seth shares why consistency in art is crucial and how the internet helps aspiring artists find the smallest viable audience for their work to navigate and pivot their journey. He gives his perspective on the importance of having constraints and being able to find joy in the challenge to work with them. Additionally, Seth opines on the concept of Imposter Syndrome, the myth of writer’s block, and building skill over-relying on talent, among other topics.

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