Board Level CIO | episode 391

Washington Post CIO and Chief Product Officer Shailesh Prakash

Shailesh Prakash is the Chief Information Officer and Chief Product Officer of The Washington Post. On the CIO side, Shailesh runs the company’s technology, and on the product engineering side, he is focused on digital innovation, the company’s subscriptions platform, and everything it does to be on multiple platforms. Shailesh has spearheaded Arc Publishing, a suite of internal publishing tools that the company now sells to other media organizations as a SaaS offering. Prior to joining the company, Shailesh was the Vice President of Engineering at Sears Holding Corporation. He sits on the board of Blue Origin. April 29, 2019

391: Washington Post Chief Product and Information Officer Shailesh Prakash describes the genesis story of Arc Publishing. Arc was initially built by the company to meet its own needs, but after realizing it had built one of the best media tech stacks in the industry, the company began selling it to other publishers. The Post now believes Arc Publishing has the ability to become a $100 million business. Shaliesh also shares his view on building technology in-house versus buying and integrating, his experience on the board of Blue Origin, how Jeff Bezos has helped the company further its technology abilities, and how the company partners with large tech organizations, such as Google, Apple, and Facebook, among other topics.

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