episode 635

Digital Platforms as Strategic Growth Drivers with Shri Santhanam and Anjana Harve

Shri Santhanam is the Executive Vice President and Global Head of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence at Experian, a roughly $5 billion credit bureau and one of the three largest credit bureaus in the United States. Shri began his career in product management in the technology industry followed by a stint in consulting. Anjana Harve is the Global Chief Information Officer of Fresenius Medical Care, a company that operates 4000 dialysis clinics across the world serving 344,000 patients worldwide. Fresenius yielded roughly 54 million dialysis treatments in the last year alone, enabling a network of patients, healthcare providers, and physicians across all of those operations. February 07, 2022

635: In this interview, Shri and Anjana discuss the topic of digital platforms as strategic drivers of growth. Shri discusses his definition of platform in the context of his business at Experian and evaluates how he identifies the business case for these platforms. Anjana explains why she aimed to adopt a platform-centric mindset to deliver care to dialysis patients and how she has built and curated the skill sets of her team to enable the hub strategy at Fresenius. Finally, Shri talks about tackling the challenge of enabling inclusive lending at Experian, and Anjana explains another use case for delivering personalized medical care to Fresenius’s patients.

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