episode 798

The Future of Mars: Global VP Shubham Mehrish on a Modular Architecture Approach to Strategy

Shubham Mehrish is the Global Vice President of Mars, a privately-held American multinational manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products as well as a provider of animal care services, with and estimated US$45 billion in annual sales in 2022 according to Forbes. Shubham leads design thinking, artificial intelligence, process automation, advanced analytics, digital demand, data engineering, and platform teams. He has been in his role for a bit more than a year and a half, and with the company for five years. Prior to his time at Mars, Shubham served as a Partner with Metyis consulting, EVP with Antuit, and various other consulting and analytics roles throughout his career. August 31, 2023

798: Shubham discusses how he is developing a digital, technology, and associate strategy based on a modular architecture approach that is focused on microservices, API-driven, Cloud-native, and Headless. Discover how Shubham builds an ecosystem of talent internally and externally, applies data and AI to differentiate the business, and embraces design thinking and collaboration across the firm all with the aim of developing a digital customer experience to enhance the traditional tactile experience. Shubham also talks more broadly about how he pushes his team to learn from experiences regardless of their success and approach challenges with what notes as a comp[any-wide collective confidence. This translates more specifically to how his team is experimenting with generative AI and the other technology trends that are on his radar. Finally, Shubham describes the mental models he has applied in his role and recommends a few critical readings that he has found helpful in his career.

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"Our approach always has been use case-driven and consumer-first, as opposed to technology-first."

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