episode 598

Modernizing Enterprise Architecture with Advance Auto Parts CTO Sri Donthi

Sri Donthi is the Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Advance Auto Parts, a role he has held for roughly three and a half years. In that role, Sri is accountable for developing and implementing enterprise-wide technology strategy that delivers information systems and services to accelerate growth. He also leads overall information security and is a member of the company's executive leadership committee. Prior to Advance Auto Parts, Sri served as Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of PepsiCo and Frito-Lay North America and Global eCommerce as well as the Global Chief Technology Officer role for the company. September 30, 2021

598: In this interview, Sri Donthi, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Advance Auto Parts, focuses on consumer-centric automotive innovation and building a modern enterprise architecture. Sri begins with his purview as CTO at Advanced Auto Parts and talks about the company’s overall vision for the industry. He gives insight into new ways of doing business digitally, how his team looks to retrain current staff on the necessary skills in this digital model, and the role data and digital play in meeting evolving expectations in employee and customer experiences. Additionally, Sri shares his team’s three approaches to modernizing enterprise architecture: fix, build, and transform. Finally, Sri speaks to some of the emerging trends in the industry and technology that he is excited about in the future.

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