episode 645

Retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal on the War in Ukraine and Controlling Risk

Stanley McChrystal is a retired four-star general, former commander of US and International Security Assistance Forces in Afghanistan, and the former commander of the nation's premier military counterterrorism force, JSOC, the Joint Special Operations Command. He served our country for many decades, and after his retirement, he has run the McChrystal Group delivering innovative leadership solutions to businesses globally for the past 11 years. He's also an author of multiple best-selling books, including Team of Teams and Leaders and his latest book, Risk: A User's Guide. March 14, 2022

645: Stanley covers his latest book, Risk: A User’s Guide, and discusses the way people should be assessing, calculating, and acting on risks an organization faces. He begins by defining what risk is, ten risk control factors used to evaluate risk, and why humans are naturally poor at calculating risk. Stanley discusses the necessity of having a narrative that aligns with the values set forth by the organization and ties this into the U.S.’s foreign policy. Finally, Stanley gives his perspective on the current war in Ukraine, the risk each party faces, and what constitutes a good decision. This broadcast was recorded in front of a live audience.

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