episode 785

Xerox CEO Steve Bandrowczak on the Iconic Company's AI-driven Future

Steve Bandrowczak is the Chief Executive Officer of Xerox, a workplace and digital printing solutions company that earns over $7 billion in annual revenue. Steve entered the CEO role in August of 2022 and joined Xerox in 2018 as President and Chief Operations Officer. Steve has led the company through a period of remarkable transformation and resilience and is in the process of returning the company to its roots in many ways leveraging cutting-edge technology at the same time. Prior to joining Xerox, Steve served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer of Alight Solutions, and he's held senior leadership positions at various multi-billion dollar global companies, including HP, Avaya, Nortel, Lenovo, and DHL. July 17, 2023

785: Steve discusses the future of the company, the role of technology in driving strategy, and how Xerox is leveraging emerging technology to reinvent the service industry. He highlights the importance of using this cutting-edge technology, such as AI, robotics, and augmented reality, to drive productivity in the office and serve the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Steve also emphasizes the value of data and the impact of edge computing and quantum computing on the future of technology. Finally, he shares insights from his experience as a CIO and the importance of taking risks and seeking diverse leadership opportunities to advance your career.

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"We're using technology to revolutionize the service industry."

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