episode 771

Maximizing Business Intelligence Through Data Platforms with Snowflake CIO/CDO Sunny Bedi

Sunny Bedi is the Chief Information Officer and Chief Data Officer of Snowflake, a roughly $2 billion revenue data-cloud platform provider. Sunny has been in his role for nearly three and a half years, and during his time in the role, the company has grown from 1,300 employees to nearly 7,000 employees today. Sunny's team provides the architecture necessary to enable that growth. Sunny drives a customer-centric mentality by being both ‘Customer Zero’ for Snowflake's products as well as spending a remarkable 70% of his time with customers directly. Prior to joining Snowflake, Sunny was a senior technology executive with Nvidia. He has also served on the board of GitLab for nearly two years. May 29, 2023

771: Sunny shares an overview of Snowflake’s business and what his purview encompasses at the company. Sunny embodies a customer-centric mindset in his role, spending a remarkable 70% of his time directly engaging with customers, and shares how he has built his team to allow him the bandwidth to do so. He explains how he has managed IT during a period of massive growth, built a strong culture in a remote working environment, and drove innovation in the evolving landscape of data. Sunny explains the key differentiators he has seen of successful data leaders and companies that have leveraged data effectively. He also dives into the importance of platform solutions and why he focuses on investing and building platforms at Snowflake. Additionally, he shares the value derived from his board experience, highlights the latest tech trends shaping the industry, and reflects on the keys to his career success.

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  • 04 4- IT & Business Partnership
  • 05 5- External Partnerships

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