episode 658

Land O’Lakes CTO Teddy Bekele on Bridging the Digital Divide

Teddy Bekele is the Chief Technology Officer of Land O'Lakes, a $16 billion revenue, farmer-owned cooperative. Teddy owns the traditional IT domain while also running an R&D function exploring avenues for innovation in the agriculture supply chain. Finally, he's also an advocate for the farming community serving on the Minnesota governor's broadband task force, the American Connection Project. April 28, 2022

658: Teddy covers the digital transformation undergoing in the farm-to-fork agriculture supply chain. He begins with an overview of the cooperative and the two sides to his purview in traditional IT and digital transformation. Teddy discusses the process his team uses to foster innovation, bring actionable insights to farmers, and bridging the digital divide in agriculture. Finally, Teddy recounts his experience as a technologist as a part of the American Connection Project and BCBS of Minnesota board position, recalls the keys to his success, and looks ahead at the tech trends on his radar.

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