episode 652

Raytheon Technologies CDO Vince Campisi on Creating a Digital Thread at the Company

Vince Campisi is the Chief Digital Officer and Senior Vice President of Enterprise Services at Raytheon Technologies, a nearly $60 billion revenue, multinational, aerospace, and defense conglomerate. He oversees the company's digital technology strategy and several global business services designed to reduce enterprise risk, optimize operating efficiency, enable business growth and maximize outcomes for employees, suppliers, and customers. Vince came into this role after Raytheon's merger with United Technologies, where he had been the Chief Digital Officer. He has led a remarkable digital transformation across Raytheon, and I look forward to speaking with him about it. April 07, 2022

652: Vince discusses how he is creating a digital thread throughout the conglomerate. Vince gives an overview of Raytheon Technologies, its merger with United Technologies, and the two sides of his purview. He describes what the digital thread at the company looks like and how it has accelerated the pace at which the company can create minimal viable products in the space. Vince also covers how he brings both unique and common solutions to the companies under the Raytheon umbrella, how he has curated his team at the company, and how he leverages an ecosystem of partners to accomplish the speed of innovation he seeks to achieve. Finally, Vince talks about his 70-20-10 philosophy behind investing in innovation, developing a sound data strategy, and the tech trends that he believes will change the aerospace industry down the road.

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