episode 661

How Data & Digital Capabilities are Shaping the Future of Work with Raytheon and JLL Executives

Vince Campisi is the Chief Digital Officer and SVP for Enterprise Services at Raytheon Technologies, a nearly $60 billion revenue aerospace and defense conglomerate. There he oversees the digital and technology strategy and also runs several global business services geared toward reducing risk and optimizing efficiency, and ultimately enabling growth. He joined after the merger between Raytheon and United Technologies in 2020. Prior to that, he was the Chief Digital Officer for United Technologies. Edward Wagoner is the Chief Information Officer for Digital at JLL Technologies, a $16 billion global real estate firm and Fortune 250 company. Edward has spent more than 25 years at JLL. In his current role, he is really thinking about the future of real estate technology, understanding that landscape, and how we start to navigate a growing virtual world alongside our physical world. Previously, he was the global CIO for corporate solutions as well as the America's Chief Information Officer for JLL. May 09, 2022

661: In this interview, we feature a conversation from our most recent Metis Strategy Digital Symposium on the topic of how data and digital capabilities are shaping the future of work with Vince Campisi, the Senior Vice President of Enterprise Services and Chief Digital Officer of Raytheon Technologies, and Edward Wagoner, the Chief Information Officer of JLL. The conversation was moderated by Metis Strategy’s Co-Head of Research, Media, and Executive Networks Steven Norton. Edward discusses the evolution of hybrid working environments, the future of technology’s role as a whole in how employees work and live, and how CIOs can take full advantage of facilities using technology. Vince gives his perspective on Raytheon’s return-to-site strategy and bridging the physical and digital through the use of digital twins. Finally, both executives talk about the importance of sustainability and what the path forward looks like at their respective companies.

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