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Driving the Enterprise AI Mindset with Lexmark CIO Vishal Gupta and Putnam Investments CIO Sumedh Mehta

Vishal Gupta is the Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Senior Vice President of Connected Technology at Lexmark, a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of imaging products and IoT capabilities of various kinds. In his role, Vishal is responsible for corporate strategy as well as corporate IT which includes security operations as well as all software and analytics powering Lexmark's offering with a focus on cloud analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT. Vishal is a seasoned executive who, prior to joining Lexmark, had executive roles at Unisys and Symantec, among other organizations. Sumedh Mehta is the Chief Information Officer of Putnam Investments, an 84-year-old global money management firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Sumedh has run tech and digital for more than eight years, and across that tenure has modernized the technology platform at Putnam to foster a cloud-first, data-driven, and agile organization. He has also driven collaboration across business units to foster greater innovation and deliver solutions for new products for the broader business. January 04, 2024

834: The introduction of ChatGPT and generative AI this past year has pivoted the conversation around AI in terms of how this new technology fits into a company’s broader transformation strategy. In a panel from our December 2023 Metis Strategy Symposium, Vishal Gupta, CITO of Lexmark, and Sumedh Mehta, CIO of Putnam Investments, join Metis Strategy’s Steven Norton in a conversation about driving an enterprise AI mindset and the implications the new technology has across the business. Vishal adds color to his role and team structure at Lexmark, the value he aims to deliver with new AI capabilities, and the importance that trust holds when driving a mindset shift. Sumedh expands on this with details on how he breaks down the silos present between teams at Putnam, collaborates with strategic partners to deliver AI capabilities, and brings talent into the organization to realize a successful AI strategy.

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"While it's illuminating and humbling process to go through what you can do better, the real value is in finding out from [the business side] how to meet their expectations." -Sumedh Mehta

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