episode 624

Turner Construction CIO Warren Kudman on Transforming Construction Through Data

Warren Kudman is the Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer of Turner Construction Company, a role he's held for roughly seven years now. Turner Construction is a North America-based international construction services company and is a leading builder in diverse markets. The company earns an excess of $14 billion in revenue annually. Warren also recently added responsibilities for marketing and communications within the firm as well. He's a previous CIO at Sealed Air also. December 30, 2021

624: Warren discusses the transformation of Turner Construction and the expansion of his CIO responsibilities. Warren begins with his purview as CIO, gives details around the expanded responsibilities in his role surrounding marketing and communications, and how the impact of IT inside and outside of the company creates a rationale for the combined responsibilities. He also discusses the change management in standardizing tech within an industry that is a traditionally late-stage adopter of IT. Warren tells how this standardization builds a better foundation for data strategy at the company and how leveraging that technology and data can have positive impacts on large-scale projects like the company’s joint project constructing the SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. Finally, Warren shares lessons from the partial return-to-office, how his unique perspective has driven the expansion of the CIO role, and trends in technology that he is focused on for the future.

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