episode 670

Hanover Insurance Group Executive Willard Lee on Innovation Through Co-Creation

Willard Lee is the Chief Information and Innovation officer of the Hanover Insurance Group, a company he joined in 2003. In his current set of roles, he's responsible for delivering and maintaining the strategic applications that support the company's business operations, its agent partners and its customers across commercial, personal and specialty lines of business. Will also manages innovation efforts, monitoring industry trends across the value chain and potential impacts on the Hanover. He's held numerous roles inside and outside of IT, and I look forward to discussing the advantages of his career path in this conversation. June 09, 2022

670: In this interview, Willard discusses the topic of continuous modernization and innovation through co-creation. Will begins with an overview of The Hanover Insurance Group’s business model and the two sides of his purview. He shares his career journey through various roles in IT, operations, and other business lines; how they culminated in his current role in both IT and innovation; and how they have positioned him to better seize opportunities in innovation. Will also covers how his team is set up, its intersections across the rest of the business, and the role of IT in the agent, customer, and employee journeys. Finally, Will touches on the role of data and analytics at the company, his perspective on rising InsurTech players, future trends, and the keys to his career success.

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