Beyond CIO | episode 385

Toyota CDO & Toyota Connected CEO Zack Hicks

Zack is the Chief Digital Officer of Toyota Motors North America and the Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Connected, a division focused on data science and intelligent mobility. As CDO, Zack leads a significant engineering team, he has responsibility for the hardware and the software of Toyota’s North America cars, and the company’s digital transformation efforts. Prior to this dual role, Zack was the CIO of Toyota Motors North America. March 18, 2019

385: Toyota (TMNA) CDO and Toyota Connected CEO Zack Hicks shares his vision for how technology will transform driving. As the CEO of Toyota Connected, Zack and his team use data to provide an enhanced and seamless driving experience. To do so, Zack is focused on removing friction points throughout the entire process by having 3rd party services integrate with Toyota’s technologies. He claims to be agnostic about who owns the experience, and that his only goal is to enable it. While he is focused on augmenting the driving experience, he asserts that full autonomy is still far in the future. We also discuss Zack’s experience as a board-level executive, his view on the future of autonomous vehicles, the benefits of containers and server-less technologies, among other topics.

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CIOs and IT leaders oftentimes know the business as well as anybody because IT is a digital manifestation of the business process. There is nobody better equipped to help lead the transformation between the company’s old business models and the new customer opportunities than IT leaders.

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