Lenovo CIO Arthur Hu Is The Chief Information Officer Of The Future

October 29, 2018
BY Peter High Founder and President of Metis Strategy
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By Peter High. Published on Forbes.

Arthur Hu joined Lenovo nine years ago after more than eight years as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Hu ascended the ranks to become Chief Information Officer a bit more than two years ago while still in his 30s. In that role, leads the information technology function and business transformation activities for a Chinese company with major operations in the US and in a variety of other countries. As a Chinese-American who speaks fluent Mandarin, he leads a diverse team, and spends roughly half of his time in Beijing, and half of his time either in the United States or at other strategic locations for the company.

Hu pushes his IT leadership team to have a strong grasp of Lenovo’s strategy, what is happening in the broader industry, as well as to remain abreast of crucial technology trends in order to drive transformation. He also strives to be the company’s first and best customer, leveraging its technology, and providing feedback on its strengths and where it might improve.

Hu represents the CIO of the future, in many ways. His ability to work seamlessly across the two biggest economies, his ability to impact the company’s transformation and products, and his ability to master both strategy and tactics set him apart. He describes his journey and his methods herein.

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Peter High: Could you describe your role as the Chief Information Officer of Lenovo?

Art Hu: As the CIO and business transformation leader at Lenovo, I have a dual role. I am responsible for keeping the business running and creating a strong employee experience, which involves our workspace and our private and public cloud. The second element of my position targets Lenovo’s business transformation. In this role, I focus on defining and evolving our business processes and models, which ultimately helps us serve our customers better and improve Lenovo’s competitiveness.

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