Like Venture Investors, CIOs And CDOs Have Made Investments That Have Paid Off Big During 2020

January 07, 2021
BY Peter High Founder and President of Metis Strategy
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In a recent poll of multiple hundred CIOs to understand how many of them anticipated spending levels on “digital transformation” on a par with, higher, or lower than 2019, nearly 80% of responses indicated that they would have a higher spending level in 2020 on digital transformation initiatives. This is remarkable given the need for cost containment in light of the pandemic and the economic crisis that it has created, but it is driven by the fact that those companies that transformed their operations and their ability to derive digital revenue streams earlier are the companies that have done best during this time of crisis. Executive teams of most companies now realize that this needs to be a priority. Cut costs elsewhere but use some portion of that savings to invest back into further digital transformation.

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