Linda Jojo, EVP of Technology and Chief Digital Officer of United Airlines

January 02, 2018
BY Peter High Founder and President of Metis Strategy
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By Peter High, published on Forbes

Linda Jojo joined United Airlines as Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer in November 2014. Between then and mid-2017, a primary area of focus was improving the company’s mobile tools and apps for customers and employees. As the value she contributed increasingly was customer-facing, the justification of expanding her responsibilities was made. In the middle of 2017, she was promoted to EVP of Technology and Chief Digital Officer.

In addition to her responsibility for United’s technology platforms and analytics, Jojo took over strategy, development and deployment of United’s e-commerce, mobile app and commercial web platforms. With these expanded responsibilities, she and her team have profoundly impacted both top and bottom line of the airline.

Jojo has also joined the small but growing club of CIOs who have joined public boards, having joined the board of $31 billion revenue utility services holding company Exelon in September of 2015. She is a member of the Compensation & Leadership Development Committee and Finance & Risk Committee. She covers all of the above and more in this interview.

Peter High: Since June of 2017, you have been the Executive Vice President of Technology and Chief Digital Officer of United Airlines. This follows your more than two and a half years as the Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer of United. How do these new titles change your purview?

Linda Jojo: I am responsible for technology as I had been as CIO. Additionally, I am also responsible for our digital strategy and ownership of our digital channels such as our website, our apps, and our digital distribution.

High: What are some aspects of your digital strategy?

Jojo: As in every industry, digital is pervasive throughout the organization and throughout the airline. A big component is arming and empowering our own employees with real-time information about the customer so that we can serve them better. It is about harnessing the massive amount of operational data we have to improve the reliability of our airline, to get more involved and more predictive in our maintenance activities, and to get more sophisticated in our revenue management process.

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