Mike Capone’s Journey From CIO To COO To CEO

September 11, 2018
BY Peter High Founder and President of Metis Strategy
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By Peter High. Published on Forbes

I have interviewed Mike Capone multiple times in his career. When he was the CIO and head of Product at Automatic Data Processing (ADP), he noted with satisfaction the advantages of having multiple roles in one company rather than the same role in many companies. Across his 26 years at ADP, he had many IT and business unit jobs including running one of ADP’s businesses.

That positioned him well when he joined what was then the largest New York based technology start up, Medidata Solutions as chief operating officer. At the beginning of this year, he took the biggest leap of all to become CEO of analytics software and visualization analytics leader Qlik. When I caught up with him in his office in New York recently, he was enthusiastic about his new opportunity and the space that his company is in. He also offered thoughts about the advantages he currently draws from his time as CIO now that they are among his clients. Finally, he offered suggestions for others who might wish to follow in his footsteps.

Peter High: Congratulations on ascending to your first role as CEO. Could you give an overview of Qlik’s business?

Mike Capone: Qlik is one of the world’s leading providers of analytics software and visualization analytics. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve both simple and complex analytics problems for our customers. Our strengths are working efficiently with end-users, being user-friendly, and building application analytics that benefit the entire enterprise in solving complex problems. Qlik’s vision is to embed analytics into every operational and strategic decision-making process inside every company. We strongly believe that data is the currency of the future, and therefore, organizations must become data literate to compete in the future.

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