Paula Tolliver, Chief Information Officer & SVP of Intel

November 21, 2017
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By Peter High, published on Forbes

Paula Tolliver joined Intel a little more than a year ago as chief information officer. She had spent more than two decades at the Dow Chemical Company. She had been CIO there, as well, but she also ran procurement for a time, and had profit and loss accountability for Dow’s $1 billion services business. Therefore, she came to Intel with an orientation toward driving revenue growth from her post.

Tolliver immediately got to work doing just that. She has helped lead a major push toward deepening the company’s investment in analytics and artificial intelligence, in addition to other new technologies, and has helped drive $350 million in revenue growth in the sales and marketing channels alone, as she notes herein.

Tolliver has also improved IT’s orientation toward being “customer zero” for Intel’s own technologies. As such, she has woven her team into the product development process, and served as an important proxy for CIO and other IT executive customers of the company.

Peter High: You recently celebrated your first year anniversary with Intel. Prior to coming to Intel, you spent a couple of decades at Dow Chemical. What drew you to the CIO role at Intel?

Paula Tolliver: I have been in the profession for close to 30 years. My move to Intel was the result of my beginning to reflect on my career and wanting to be more deeply involved in this exciting time for IT. As I looked around and started to understand the potential of new technologies and how quickly they are advancing, I wanted to be a part of that in a more meaningful way. I saw joining the technology industry as a way to jump in with both feet. Fortunately, for me, Intel was looking for a CIO. What drew me to Intel was that they are a substantial contributor to the advancements happening in the IT industry. The technology that Intel has developed over its long history have driven many significant technology advancements, opened up many of possibilities that we see today, and powered the digital transformation. The privilege and honor of joining the Intel team and being a part of the ecosystem of technology was too exciting for me to pass up. I jumped on board and have enjoyed every minute.

High: Intel has been going through a transformation. Can you describe the changes and the role that IT plays?

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