Recommendations From Leading CIO Whisperer Charlie Feld

January 07, 2021
BY Peter High Founder and President of Metis Strategy
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While there is no textbook for leading through a crisis like the current pandemic, one of the things one can do is learn from the wisdom and insight of leaders who have been around longer than us and have a perspective that is broader than ours. While no leader has faced circumstances quite like these, Charlie Feld’s experience leading technology organizations—for some of the most recognizable names in business—over the last 55 years, is a voice worth listening to.

Feld is one of America’s most recognized and successful Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and information-technology consultants. His leadership insights, operational experience, and strategic framework for enterprise success have been developed over the course of his career. Feld is the author of two books on Leadership, including The Blind Spot: A Leader’s Guide to IT-Enabled Business Transformation. To continue his commitment to helping organizations and executives achieve technology-enabled business transformation, Feld founded The Feld Group Institute in 2009.

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