546: General Stanley McChrystal has decades of leadership experience. In this interview, we discuss the importance of adaptability and agility, and General MyChrystal’s view that nimbleness is a continuous journey. He notes that cross-functional collaboration is not automatic, and organizations must be deliberate in fostering trust in a distributed environment. To do this, he suggests that transparency, vulnerability, individual empowerment, and a common purpose are all critical ingredients. We also discuss the characteristics of a resilient organization and which lessons from the military he sees as most applicable to the business realm, among a variety of other topics.

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540: Paola Arbour has more than 30 years of experience leading and transforming IT organizations. In this interview, we discuss the cultural transformation she’s driving at Tenet Healthcare and why skill sets are more important than titles. Paola also shares tips for effectively managing change, and she discusses the importance of having a culture of innovation, rather than a program of innovation, among a variety of other topics. 


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538: Atticus Tysen, CIO/CISO of Intuit, discusses the importance of aligning technology strategy with business strategy and how having a strategic framework facilitates organizational agility. We also discuss how Atticus balances innovation with security in his role as CIO and CISO, how technology creates new opportunities for the business, among other topics.


534: National Grid Group Chief Information & Digital Officer Andi Karaboutis discusses 

  • The near- and long-term considerations when hiring new talent
  • National Grid’s omnichannel approach to training
  • The importance of being agile and focusing on consumer needs rather than product life cycles
  • The ways the company has utilized their external partnerships to create better energy solutions

Among a variety of other topics.

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532: In this interview, we dive into several of the book’s themes, including People and Technology. Cynthia shares insight into how she motivates her team, and how robotic process automation can boost morale by automating repetitive tasks. We also discuss Adobe’s journey to become a cloud-native company, the ways in which enterprise architecture can impact culture, and a variety of other topics. 


529: FINRA SVP & CIO Steve Randich dives into several of the book’s themes, including Process, Technology, and Ecosystems. Steve discusses some of the sweeping changes he has made across his career, such as how he has inverted FINRA’s entire IT organization to be platform-oriented. Steve also shares best practices related to cloud computing based on the journeys he has led at NASDAQ and FINRA, his perspective on IT’s role in the business, among a variety of other topics.


524: Schneider Electric’s chief governance officer and secretary general Herve Coureil discusses several of the themes from Peter High’s upcoming book, Getting to Nimble, including People, Technology, Strategy, and Ecosystems. Herve begins by sharing how Schneider Electric’s business culture continues to evolve as they adopt aspects of culture from the businesses they acquire. He also discusses his process for making bets on new technologies to gain a first-mover advantage, the importance of agile portfolio management, the partnerships Schneider has forged to foster innovation, among other topics.


519: Lenovo CIO Art Hu discusses several of the themes from our upcoming book, Getting to Nimble, including Process, Technology, and Strategy. Art describes how Lenovo has managed the shift from a project to a product-focused IT management mindset and shares lessons learned from that change. We also discuss how Lenovo is using cloud technology to improve key applications and explore how Art ensures IT and business strategy remain aligned; among other topics.