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Technovation is a weekly podcast series featuring conversations with top executives (CIOs, CDOs, CTOs) and thought leaders at the intersection of business, technology, and innovation. Each episode explores the technology trends that are transforming business, and the leaders driving digital change inside their organizations. Hosted by Metis Strategy president Peter High, Technovation is the premier podcast for IT and technology
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Episode 473

Intel Global CIO Archana Deskus

August 03, 2020
Archana Deskus is the global chief information officer of Intel, one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers with revenues exceeding $71 billion annually. As the global CIO, Archana leads a team of over 5,000 IT professionals focused on protecting Intel’s assets, driving competitive ...

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Raman Mehta CIO of Visteon
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How Visteon's CIO Netflixed The Competition Before Becoming Blockbusted

452: Visteon CIO Raman Mehta discusses how IT has enhanced its role and gained the trust of the business. Historically, IT at Visteon has been great at solving problems it was presented with. ...
May 04, 2020
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