The CIO’s First 100 Days Series Summary in Forbes

July 05, 2016
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The CIO’s First 100 Days series in Forbes explores what the CIOs at some of the world’s most recognizable firms did, and what they could have done differently at the onset of their tenure.

by Peter High, series on

In a recent article, I highlighted a number of lessons, some of them common, and others unique, to which I will develop the series titled, “The CIO’s First 100 Days.”  For years, the CIO was among the “c-level” executive with the shortest or near shortest average tenure. The reasons for this were manifold including the fact that the average c-level executive (almost all of whom outranked the CIO) did not clearly understand technology, and it was easy to choose the CIO as a scapegoat if things were amiss within the company generally or within IT more specifically. Given the fact that so much that is managed by the IT leader can be esoteric in the minds of other business executives within the company, it is essential to push hard in one’s first 100 days to build relationships, to communicate a plan, and to track progress against that plan. Column pieces will be published over several weeks, and will include the following discussions with leaders  about their 100-day strategic plans:

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