Thoughts From The Most Active Investor In Robotics

May 29, 2018
Peter High
BY Peter High Founder and President of Metis Strategy
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By Peter High. Published on Forbes

The Pittsburgh renaissance has been covered in many places, including in this column. (See my interview with Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto and my interview with Carnegie Mellon University’s Dean of the Computer Science department Andrew Moore.) One area of the tech boom in Pittsburgh that I had not covered is the investor community.

Pittsburgh-based Innovation Works is one of the country’s top seed investors, and CB Insights ranks it as America’s most active investor in robotics. The company’s mission is “to introduce, connect, support and expand the startup & entrepreneurial ecosystem within Southwestern Pennsylvania, making our region a center for innovative startups and tech investors from around the country.” Innovation Works’ portfolio includes companies in the robotics, artificial intelligence, medical devices, retail technologies, and enterprise software fields, among others.

I recently caught up with the Chief Executive Officer of Innovation Works Rich Lunak to discuss the current state of technology in Pittsburgh, his firm’s focus on robotics, trends that excite him, and other topics.

Peter High: Please describe Innovation Works’ purview.

Rich Lunak: Innovation Works is the most active seed-stage investor in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region, and one of the most active in the country. We are dedicated to serving high-growth tech entrepreneurs throughout the Pittsburgh region in order to create jobs and wealth, and to help our startup community thrive.

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