What IT Leaders Can Learn From World Class IT

June 21, 2017
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By Saeed Elnaj, published on Inside NGO


Peter High, president of Metis Strategy and author of the book “World Class IT,” will be speaking at InsideNGO’s Annual Conference on Thursday, July 20. In his session, “Technovation: How IT Can Drive Organizational Innovation,” High will address how to align business goals and technology for greater synergy and impact, the role of the IT leader, and how to harness the power of the IT team as a platform for innovation. In this blog, Saeed Elnaj, vice president of Global ICT at Project Concern International, reviews “World Class IT.”

It is rare that strategic IT advice comes in a recipe wrapped with a framework and a methodology, but this is exactly what Peter High has done in his well-written and insightful book World Class IT. In this seminal and timeless book, High offers a framework with five principles and a detailed methodology that is easy to follow and to execute. Each of the principles is covered in its own chapter with a set of performance indicators, step-by-step processes, and flowcharts that end up molding these five principles into a well-developed methodology. This makes the book unique, valuable, and a must-read reference for IT leaders, managers, and practitioners.

The five principles are well articulated and presented in such a simple way that they seem familiar and obvious. High’s framework is the IT equivalent of Michael Porter’s revolutionary and well-known five competitive forces framework. In my opinion, understanding both of these frameworks is essential to any IT leader to practice excellence and produce tangible business results from IT investments.

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