Digital Maturity

The use of digital technologies and digitally-enabled approaches to change a business model provides opportunities for new revenue, improve customer engagement, increase efficiency, empower flexibility and unlock scalability. Our Digital Maturity Assessment is an effective tool to provide guidelines for a clear path throughout the digital transformation journey.

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We evaluate digital capabilities across the 7 clearly defined business dimensions to create a holistic view of digital maturity across the organization.


Vision & Strategy The establishment of future state objectives and goals (Vision) and an approach (incl. planning and decision-making) to pursue them (Strategy) as well as their alignment with business activities throughout the organization.

Culture & Mindset​ The principles and organizational mindset built around the delivery of digital products and services and how employees are engaged and empowered to provide new solutions.

Operating Model​

Digital Processes​ The means through which digital capabilities the customers interact with are created​.

Organization & Change Management​ The models and management practices in place to facilitate the speed and flexibility required in digital growth and development.

Architecture & Tools​ The governance, infrastructure, and applications responsible for the collection and maintenance of data used in digital initiatives​.

Functional Processes​ Processes that drive and support day to day operation of the business and the generation of revenue​.


Digital Capabilities​ Fundamental building blocks at the new frontiers of the business world that create value for the organization and its stakeholders through the transformation of customer experiences, product & services offerings, operational processes, and business models​.

We know that a digital transformation is a long term journey involving a complex ecosystem of capabilities.
We establish the current state of digital for the organization and align on a future state vision through evolution of digital capabilities, digital processes, etc.

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