IT Learns to Trumpet Its Contributions to the Business, article on CIO

October 29, 2014
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IT Learns to Trumpet Its Contributions to the Business

by Peter High, published on


Let’s face it, most CIOs aren’t very good at marketing IT’s value to the business. The IT group tends not to celebrate its successes, or if they do, they do it internally without letting other departments in on the good news. Not only does this mean that other departments aren’t aware of the value IT contributes, but it may even contribute to a false impression that IT is underperforming.

In my book Implementing World Class IT Strategy: How IT Can Drive Organizational Innovation I discuss how high-performing CIOs constantly make the enterprise aware of IT’s contribution to bottom and top lines of the business. One of the rare IT leaders doing a great job of that is Intel CIO Kim Stevenson, who has developed an IT version of the corporate annual report. Just like the typical company’s overall annual report, Stevenson’s IT version covers accomplishments from the past year, projections for the year ahead and (this is especially important) financial information. That means an analysis of the money invested in IT and the value created from that investment.

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