episode 726

Pilot Company CTO Michael Rodgers on Delivering Digital Customer Experiences

Michael Rodgers is the Chief Technology Officer of Pilot Company, a conglomerate that operates travel centers, supplies fuel, and manages a fleet of about 1,000 trucks across North America. It's the seventh-largest private company in the United States. As CTO, Michael is responsible for enterprise technology, digital technology, and marketing. He has been a tech and digital executive multiple times over as Executive Vice President of Omnichannel at JCPenney, and as a Chief Information Officer at Saks Fifth Avenue prior to that. December 22, 2022

726: Michael discusses how he is driving new digital touchpoints for customers and implementing a frictionless experience for truck drivers and other business partners. He describes the structure of the conglomerate, the various verticals he leads, and how marketing and data fit within his purview. Michael covers his career prior to Pilot and what innovations and new trends in technology are on his and Pilot’s roadmap. Finally, he describes the relationship Pilot has with universities to bring in new talent and foster a culture of innovation, among other topics.

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"We made it easy for them to reserve shower on the app while they're fueling... Over 50% of showers are reserved on the app now. That's a 50% engagement."

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