episode 802

Focusing on Horizon 3: CTO Thomas Benjamin on the Innovation Cycle at National Instruments

Thomas Benjamin is the Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, and Head of Platform and Analytics, Research & Development, for National Instruments (NI), a 40-year-old company that has developed automated tests and automated measurement systems that help engineers solve some of the world's toughest challenges. NI earns nearly $1.75 billion in annual revenue. Thomas has been in the role for about two years, and in his role, he drives extraordinary innovation for his company and its customers. Thomas has been an executive at a wide array of scaled companies, including SAP, GE Aviation, Emirates, Visa, Walmart, and Oracle. September 14, 2023

802: Thomas Benjamin; EVP, CTO, and Head of Platform & Analytics R&D at National Instruments (NI); discusses the innovation he is leading at the company focused on what he calls ‘Horizon 3’ technologies and the preparation needed to take advantage of these technologies down the road. He shares how his team is organized across the diverse segments that are a part of the broader business and the ways in which these segments interact and collaborate with the IT organization. Thomas also gives an in-depth overview of the innovation labs he leads, the potential value that generative AI can bring to NI, and the skills that will be necessary to leverage these emerging technologies. Finally, he reflects on the lessons he has learned across his diversified career path, explains the benefit of being a hands-on leader, and looks ahead at the trends in technology that he believes will change the game.

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"The innovation lab focuses on what we call Horizon 3; what's the art of the possible in the next three to five years."

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